Property Development Finance

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Property Development Finance

What is development finance?

Development finance refers to specialised funding to support the construction, conversion, or extensive renovation of buildings or land, typically for commercial or residential property development projects. 

This type of finance is essential for developers who need significant capital to cover the costs associated with the development process, from acquiring land to the construction phases and until the project is completed and ready for sale or refinance.

Unlike traditional mortgages or loans, development finance is often structured in stages, with funds released at different milestones throughout the project. This allows lenders to manage risk by monitoring the project’s progress before releasing additional funds. The amount of finance provided is usually based on the Gross Development Value (GDV) of the project upon completion rather than the initial purchase price of the property or land.

Development finance is tailored to the specific needs of a development project, taking into account factors such as the developer’s experience, the project’s feasibility, and the projected end value. It is a critical tool for developers, enabling them to undertake and complete projects that might otherwise be beyond their immediate financial reach.

Heavy refurbishment finance

Heavy refurbishment finance is a lending specifically designed to support significant renovation or development projects on properties. Unlike light refurbishment, which typically covers cosmetic improvements and minor repairs, heavy refurbishment involves extensive structural changes, such as alterations to the internal layout, adding extensions, or completely renovating a dilapidated building. This form of finance is ideal for property developers or investors looking to undertake substantial work that requires a larger investment and a longer timeframe to complete.

The finance is structured to provide the necessary funds to cover the costs of the refurbishment work, often released in stages as the project progresses. This ensures that developers have access to cash flow at critical points of their projects. Heavy refurbishment finance is more complex and riskier for lenders than financing for lighter projects due to the scale and potential for unforeseen issues arising during construction. Therefore, it typically requires a more detailed proposal, including planning permissions, detailed project plans, and often a higher level of security. This form of financing is crucial for developers looking to maximise the potential of their properties through significant transformation and value addition.

Options to borrow money for property development

When it comes to lending money for property development, there are a couple of different options and depending on how much work needs to be done on the development will depend on what option is best for your needs:

Bridging finance is a specialised option to borrow money for property development. It’s a short-term finance option that allows you to borrow the funds to purchase a property and potentially raise the funds to complete the works on the property, which is usually offered as a drawdown facility; this just means that the funds are drawn down in stages so as you get further down the development you would draw down the funds as and when you need it. 

Light refurbishment finance is a type of funding specifically tailored for property improvement projects that do not require structural changes. This financial solution supports renovations such as cosmetic upgrades, modernising fixtures, and minor repairs—activities aimed at enhancing a property’s appeal and value without undertaking major construction work. Ideal for property developers or  investors looking to improve a property for sale, rent quickly

Heavy refurbishment finance is a specialised loan designed for significant property renovation projects that require extensive structural changes, such as altering layouts, building extensions, or complete overhauls.

Development finance is a tailored funding solution for property development projects, including construction, conversion, or extensive renovation. It provides the necessary capital to cover various development costs, from land acquisition to construction. Unlike regular loans, this finance is released in stages, aligning with project milestones, which helps manage risk. The funding amount is typically based on the project’s projected Gross Development Value (GDV) upon completion. Essential for developers, development finance facilitates the undertaking of projects by offering a structured financial support system throughout the development process.

Bridging finance for property development

Bridging finance for property development is a short-term lending solution designed to provide immediate funding for real estate projects. This type of finance benefits developers who need quick access to capital to purchase land, begin construction, or undertake significant renovations before securing long-term financing or selling the developed property. Bridging loans are ideal for situations where funding is required quickly to capitalise on an investment opportunity or to ensure the continuity of a development project.

The key features of bridging finance include its speed of arrangement, flexibility, and the ability to borrow based on the project’s value upon completion (Gross Development Value – GDV). This makes it a desirable option for developers facing timing challenges or those needing funds to cover the gap between initiating a project and receiving traditional financing or income from sales. However, it’s essential for borrowers to plan their exit strategy carefully, as bridging loans typically come with higher interest rates and shorter repayment periods than traditional property development loans.

Apartment construction financing

Regarding apartment construction, selecting the right financing product is crucial for success.

In these circumstances, developers often find that either a heavy refurbishment finance product or development finance is best suited to their needs. Heavy refurbishment finance is ideal for projects that involve significant upgrades or conversions of existing buildings into apartment units, focusing on substantial changes without altering the building’s core structure.

On the other hand, development finance is tailored for ground-up construction projects or extensive developments that include demolishing and rebuilding. Both financing options provide the capital to cover costs ranging from acquisition and planning to construction and completion.

The choice between heavy refurbishment finance and development finance depends on the scale of the project, the extent of the work required, and the financial strategy of the developer. Each offers a structured approach to funding, designed to support the project through to its successful completion, ensuring that developers have the resources they need to bring their apartment construction projects to life.

Is it possible to get first time developer finance?

Yes, first-time developers can secure finance for their projects, although it might be more challenging than for experienced developers. Lenders typically assess the risk associated with financing projects, and experience is a significant factor in their decision-making process. However, first-time developers can improve their chances of obtaining finance by presenting a well-considered, viable project plan that demonstrates thorough market research, realistic cost estimations, and a solid exit strategy.

At Mondo Mortgages, we specialise in serving as your trusted property development finance broker, dedicated to supporting all your property development endeavours. Our expertise and network allow us to navigate the complex landscape of property development finance, ensuring you have the optimal funding solution tailored to your project’s specific requirements. Whether you’re embarking on a new construction, undertaking a significant renovation, or engaging in a large-scale development project, our team are the broker in your corner. We work diligently to secure the best financing options, leveraging our relationships with lenders to provide you with competitive terms and insightful guidance, making your property development journey smoother and more successful.

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Property Development Finance

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